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Christopher Luna by Alisha Jucevic for the Columbian

Christopher Luna by Alisha Jucevic for the Columbian
Christopher Luna by Alisha Jucevic for the Columbian

Monday, March 30, 2020

20 Things I Love About Angelo Luna On His 20th Birthday

20 Things I Love About Angelo Luna
Who Turns 20 Today
(In No Particular Order)

1. His compassion.
2. His smile.
3. His sense of humor.
4. His loyalty to his friends.
5. His beautiful singing voice.
6. His profoundly philosophical poetry.
7. His wish to make a career out of helping others.
8. He is not embarrassed by me; if he is, he does not allow me to see it.
9. We have an actual friendship, one upon which I can rely.
10. Our spontaneous, late-night talks, typically while standing in the kitchen.
11. His willingness to keep a regular coffee date with his father, even though he has a busy life he enjoys (as he should).
12. His encyclopedic knowledge of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (at least in comparison to mine).
13. He enjoys seeing live music with me. We have had amazing experiences seeing the Dirty Heads and Tech N9ne together, even while standing for hours in the rain in Eugene.
14. He is a great boyfriend to Maria. He treats her with kindness and respect and truly wants her to be happy.
15. His love for his family.
16. His fearlessness when it comes to engaging with Big Ideas.
17. He loves to turn me on to new music, especially hip hop I might never have found otherwise.
18. He never forgets to give me a hug or tell me that he loves me.
19. He loves and respects the woman I love, and never treats her with anything but love and understanding.
20. He is a strong, brave, thoughtful, caring young man who has no doubts that the can achieve whatever he sets his mind to.

See how I snuck a few extra items in there?

Angelo at one month
What do you love about Angelo? Why not tell him so today?  

Angelo at his Cover to cover, eight years old

Angelo and Maria, Christmas 2019

Angelo with Christopher and Toni at their wedding in 2015 (photo by Anni Becker)
Angelo, Toni, and Christopher in Rochester NY for Paul and Cathleen Luna's 50th wedding anniversary (photo by Maria Vara)

Friday, March 6, 2020

Poseidon, This Titan of Music: RIP McCoy Tyner (1938-2020) by Christopher Luna

Poseidon, This Titan of Music
McCoy Tyner
Revolution Hall, Portland
October 18, 2016

young cats lean as far forward as possible/ for a glimpse of the mighty/ there comes a wave/ a succession of raindrops/ percussive enough to drive away haters, doubters/ conversation of the spirit/ the nearness of you/ the reach and the quietude/ the settling, finally/ transcend flesh and thought chains/ sentimental sizzle/

a flourish, then it’s on/ saddle fractal planaria/ cosmological consternation/ tongue darts forth to swipe across his bottom lip/ serious syncopated switch/ running/ floating/ diving/ no big fish, no small fish, just class/ dirving the shift/ the fissure in our conscious knowldege/ serious smile spread/ gratitude/ check it check it/ hit it/ hit it/ modulate the sensate/ look it up later/ the clarion/ the clarion call/ taken down/ reconstituted/ taken home

Take care of yourself. You never know when
you’re gonna haveta leave this planet.
I wanna thank you for joinin’ us,
for comin’ out. Hope you
enjoy the music.
You ready now, Bud?

BLUES ON THE CORNER: slam it down/ one bottle at a time/ doin’ the hang/ nowhere to be/ cuttin’ up/ laughin’/ somethin’ flashy flit by and you miss it—the brilliance—distant wail/ evinces a wince/ recallin’ all those you wronged/ eventually your girl calls and it’s time to go

gentlest kiss followed by thunder clap/ the secret is to be what you observe/ open yourself to her irrationality/ embrace the contrary/ rage at the container/ resist the literal interpretation

For a moment it looks as if McCoy has forgotten where he is, or is about to leave the stage. He turns uncertainly in place. Then his son leans in to speak to him, and he is persuaded to sit and play one more.

I’m not gonna give a speech, don’t worry.
Enjoy life as it comes by you.
I want you guys to stay around
so your family can see you again.
I wish you all good health and happiness.
You need that.

IN A MELLOW TONE: lift and drop/ lift and drop/ lift and drop/ digits flicker and flutter/ each time with the force of a tsunami/ obliterating atoms in increments of  nanoseconds/ lean back lean in do it again/ we’re with you/ invest and attest

McCoy Tyner by Dominic Favre

Christopher Luna
March 6, 2020