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Christopher Luna by Alisha Jucevic for the Columbian

Christopher Luna by Alisha Jucevic for the Columbian
Christopher Luna by Alisha Jucevic for the Columbian

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Photos and a Poem from Mysterious Mushroom: Amanita Muscaria in Hisotry, Medicine & Lore with Tom Hatsis at Psanctum Thrift in Portland, OR December 7, 2023

I really enjoyed Mysterious Mushroom: Amanita Muscaria in History, Medicine, & More, a free talk with Psychedelic Historian and Educator Tom Hatsis. The entertaining and informative talk took place at Psanctum Thrift, 4033 SE Milwaukie Ave. Portland, OR 97202.

Here are some photos from the event, as well as a poem inspired by my experience.

I purchased a copy of Tom's book Microdosing Magic: A Psychedelic Spellbook,
pictured here with some items from his collection of historical and educational materials. 

There Was Union

Notes from Mysterious Mushrooms: Amanita Muscaria in History, Medicine, & More

a free talk with Psychedelic Historian and Educator Tom Hatsis

Psanctum Thrift, Portland

December 7, 2023


holographic maximalist

rocking torn legging


farsighted nearsighted

a state of mind


ramped up rambunctiousness

in the random shit nook


sheepish seekers

with tentative glances

furtive smiles


settle in

ready to absorb


check for the veil

check for the bulb


Tom offers tips for

foraging and preparation


dispels myths

no Viking Berzerkers

no connection to Santa Claus


the visionary potential

of the amanita muscaria


the mushrooms bring

the other world to me


I’m not tripping

the room is tripping


witchcraft ritual is key


Tom reads from his magical journal:


all three goddesses showed up

spontaneously absorbed all three

and eventually found himself

on the ground

humping the air


shining from the inside

beautified by all of them


I think I was throat signing

deep guttural purging

[of] negative thoughts


must change that to ascend


amanita is a

heart-opening medicine


you really have to

form a relationship

with the amanita muscaria


then start

very slowly


she will

sing to you

According to their website, "Psanctum is a nonprofit psychedelics research, education, and harm reduction organization located in Portland, Oregon. Psanctum publishes educational articles and videos, curates an online digital archive, and hosts events like the Psanctum Speaker Series, the Psanctum Psychedelic Conference, monthly integration circles, and the weekly Psanctum Open Mic. We also operate Psanctum Thrift, which raises funds for psychedelic-assisted therapy, education, integration, and support. Psanctum also features an onsite Psychedelic Education Center, which is currently archiving the last materials of the Timothy Leary collection. We believe psychedelic experiences have the power to heal, inspire, and liberate the human mind, body, and soul. But these substances are only as powerful as our ability to understand, integrate, and support them. Psanctum works to contribute towards building a society where psychedelic experiences, education, and the strong communities necessary to process them, are accessible to all."

Please support Psanctum's mission by donating to the cause or by shopping at the store.