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Christopher Luna by Alisha Jucevic for the Columbian

Christopher Luna by Alisha Jucevic for the Columbian
Christopher Luna by Alisha Jucevic for the Columbian

Thursday, December 17, 2009

All-Punk Issue of Chiron Review featuring poetry by Christopher Luna and many others is now available

The all-punk issue of Chiron Review is now hot off the press. You can get a copy for $7 ($3.50 for contributors) from Chiron Review, 522 E. South Ave., St. John, KS 67576 (check, money order or cash) or via Paypal:

This issue was guest-edited by Sarah Daugherty and features Meri St. Mary on the cover (photo by Monte Cazazza) and 7 poems/lyrics inside. "In the mid-1980s, Meri St. Mary was the full-lipped punk siren to drive the prepubescent San Francisco anarchists wild. She was beautiful and crazy-eyed, as feral as a foul-mouthed alley cat, with a voice like Patti Smith and an attitude straight out of an Aqua Net can."

Other poets featured are: A. Razor, Chairman Ralph, Puma Perl, D.C. Lynn, Dion Olivier, Doug Cox, Clifton Snider, Adelle Stipe, Gregory Sherl, Marc Olmsted, Andrea Janov, Dave Newman and Brian Fanelli.

There is also poetry by Henry Denander, Anna Badua, Andrew Hilbert, Tony Moffeit, Charles Rammelkamp, Kenny Nonymous, Joie Cook, John Oliver Hodges, Clint Margrave, Glenn W. Cooper, Adam Matcho, Elijah Kellogg, Adam Wisnieski, David S. Pointer, Robert Cooperman, Elizabeth Schumacher, klipschutz, Jennifer Fandel, Christopher Luna, LJ Moore, Cassandra Dallett, Kelly Scarff, Jeff Flaster, Rick Horton, Liz Worth, Naomi Tokuda, llori stein, Dan Wilcox, Adam Schechter, Rick D’Elia, C Ra, James Benedict, Carol MacAllister, Craig Blais, Susan Deer Cloud, Christopher Locke, Gene Mahoney, Greg Urbaitis, Hugh Fox, Pris Campbell, Paul Handley, Frank Johnson, tracy bischoff, Troy Schoultz, Tom Sullivan, Sean O'Brien and Kristin Berkey-Abbott.

Other highlights of the issue are an excerpt from the novel "A Long Slow Screw" by Eugene S. Robinson (Robotic Boot), stories by Victor D. Infante, Kenny Nonymous, Sab Grey, D.R. Haney, Doug Mathewson, Gregory K.H. Bryant, Michael Cuglietta, Larry Crist, Edward Jay Dawson, Chris Mortenson; a tribute to "we jam econo" by Charles Plymell and a review of Sean Punk's artwork by James Benedict.

The punk issue is illustrated with photographs by John Oliver Hodges and Adam Wagler; and art by Sean Punk/Simon Buch, Jeff Flaster, Dee Rimbaud, Henry Denander and Sarah Daugherty.

Since I accepted way too much stuff for this issue, a couple of the stories and poems that got cut will appear in the next issue of Chiron Review as will my small press news column, "News, Etc." I'll also post that column here and at Outsider Writers soon.

A note to contributors and subscribers: The issue was mailed out Wednesday, Dec. 16. It can take up to four weeks for the post office to deliver Third Class Bulk Rate mail. If you haven't received your copy(s) by Jan. 15, please let me know and I'll send more. (Extra contributor copies are $3.50 each to the address above.)

OTHER CHIRON NEWS: We remain closed to submissions until Sept. 20, 2010. After next summer’s issue, Chiron Review will take another very brief hiatus, while I learn new software and explore the possibility of a major format change (from newsprint to book form).

The spring and summer issues will be published as scheduled. If I am holding any of your work, I hope to get it into one of those two issues. And since subscriptions are managed by consecutive issue number, no subscribers will miss out on any issues they have paid for.

Due to economic difficulties and changes in the local newspaper industry, changing technology, and extreme increases in the cost of production, printing and postage, the last year (as has been for most everyone) has been unusually difficult and expensive for Chiron Review. To those who have subscribed and donated, I send my heartfelt gratitude. To those who haven't, if you have enjoyed Chiron Review, I hope you will take a moment to subscribe or renew your subscription. Your on-going support is vital.

For updates, visit Chiron Review's website:

Chiron Review has a new e-mail address. It is: An alternate e-mail address is


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