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Christopher Luna by Alisha Jucevic for the Columbian

Christopher Luna by Alisha Jucevic for the Columbian
Christopher Luna by Alisha Jucevic for the Columbian

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Bjorn Brezhnev has my undying gratitude and respect

 My life and my 2023 would not have been the same without my friend Igor Bjorn Brezhnev, the publisher and co-founder of Lightship Press.


Bjorn is a tireless supporter of poets and writers locally. I first became aware of him when he hosted a weekly open mic at the Rocking Frog that included multiple features and a very democratic process of deciding who would read in the open mic. He picked names from a hat.


Since then Bjorn has organized great series and individual readings at Rose City Book Pub, CoHo Theatre, Birdhouse Books, and elsewhere.


Bjorn is determined to get poets paid, and puts all of himself into organizing and executing many events in the community. We should not have to work for free. What we do can be both a vocation as well as a profession if we believe in it enough to treat it that way. I respect Bjorn for his determination to raise money for poets to de remunerated for their time and hard work.


I could not be more proud of my Voracity, my book from Lightship Press, edited by Sam Preminger and designed by Igor Bjorn Brezhnev in December 2022.

Lightship Press cofounders Bjorn Brezhnev and Sam Preminger at The Haven PDX

Many of us owe a debt of gratitude to Bjorn for all he has done to make the greater Portland metropolitan area and Ghost Town, USA safe for poetry.


Why not show your support in a more tangible way and contribute to Bjorn’s Patreon.


Bjorn is also available for consulting or you can buy one of his books. I love his epic “nights since” series.


Support Living Artists ‘Cause the Dead Ones Don’t Need it!  


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