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Christopher Luna by Alisha Jucevic for the Columbian

Christopher Luna by Alisha Jucevic for the Columbian
Christopher Luna by Alisha Jucevic for the Columbian

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Two Poems for Ornette Coleman (1930-2015)

Ornette Coleman
Battery Park, NYC
June 1, 2000

ornette says sound is imagination free of grammar sound is grammar free yarmulke prayer sway hands clasped neath tree “last time I seen Miles was” freedom symbol chamber dozens global expression harmolodics homicide administered ornette match foghorn blow unwelcome jackhammer accompaniment enraged the crowd erupts “turn it down – turn that machine down” lights brought up and still they hit it hit it hit it sound is free of grammar  hear no sound but the glory of three “THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!”

If you know the name of the artist who created this image, email me at

“ornette is a genius, he can do whatever he wants” 

the sound will follow you as well/squeal and squirm/shift and drift/here & also there/challenged by multiple through lines (rivers)/hover above white rust/stick flies off into black/before word, sound/pause to breathe/ snapped out of a reverie/up and leaves/low moan crawls forward/Ornette picks up the trumpet briefly, puts it down/dread builds/where are we going?/who will show us the way?/chest cracked open like a walnut shell/vortex release/tide pulls/red stretch around the front/miles invoked, summoned/sunrise convulsion/look at out/funk stroll/whole life in the bag you’re in/blondes arise in mind’s eye/ follow (him) up/are you in the right building?/the right church?/doors once open never close/sound like him/ resurrect him?/finished, not/suddenly a violin/ interjects/to attend to/delicate circularity/five become one/don’t put a number on/not everyone departs/ together/wipe away, move/secret to be/ completely awake/yet malleable/so many moments/missed/notes work their way in up out & through/flutter seed/attention/trickster polymath/complex equations/stepped up/twos become threes/ejaculatory breakthrough/ 

"thank you, ornette"

encore: look/remember/lonely woman/precedent/evening praise/circle closed/complete                                                  

                        dance of clarity
                            the road forms
                                under our feet
                                      new foundation
                                        of our creation
Christopher Luna
Arlene Shnitzer Concert Hall
Friday February 15, 2008
With thanks for Antoinette, who bought me the tickets.

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