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Christopher Luna by Alisha Jucevic for the Columbian

Christopher Luna by Alisha Jucevic for the Columbian
Christopher Luna by Alisha Jucevic for the Columbian

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Writing Through Two Sets of Music by Rich Halley, Tim Du Roche and Friends at Alberta Street Pub, Portland June 19, 2015

Creative Music Guild Presents
John Gross, Reed Wallsmith, Andre St. James, & Tim DuRoche
Alberta Street Pub, Portland, OR
June 19, 2015

fluctuations heartbreak
everything shrinks
to recede into the bell
crying out for the still
wailing (for) nothing
alternating currents
stripe seduction
two-tone tenderness
falls in line
synchronized inhale
together we
let it out
parallel yet distinct
bubbling up

play a form

“the slow game baby”

bold announcement
of intent

single bell chime
solitary thought crime

breathy spirals
brush pirouette

repetitive escape valve
forgive this swing
grated circularity
pull to and fro

the sorrow
the overseer
lover jilted
turn away

step unanticipated
conversing with the air
blowing through cilia

measured whisper
barely registers
like thumb
like cloth
drawn across
taut skin
Creative Music Guild Presents
Rich Halley, Michael Vlatkovich, Clyde Reed, & Carson Halley
Alberta Street Pub, Portland, OR
June 19, 2015

“with that, we’re gonna start”

 a conversation
round a dinner table
overlapping throughlines
both harmonic and dissonant
steady and stilted
time is malleable
yet fully framed

turns out that frame
is liquid
runs through and over
returns to the sand
lead, follow, rush


intensely concentrated
high energy constructs

dance with life

                                    refuse to lie still

            hum w energy

                                                molecular in its ubiquity

don’t quit

                        ramp it up – STOP

                                                                        crawl up and meander

                                                                                                drift and slide

                                                            keep it hot

Michael Vlatkovich, Carson Halley, Clyde Reed, and Rich Halley by Robert Pyle

“dead of winter”

retroactive liar thrum
nearness of an idea
unspoken unaccepted
wipe a running tear
radiant and clear
both there and here

                                    unkown and serious
                                    about the mark                        that lingers
                                    the pain           that festers
                                    leaving             heavy scars      in its wake

see it (again)
we will dispute
once again
finish me
entrance me


retroactive retraction
find our way into it
little bursts of air
overcome by proximity

add time
subtract grudge
move forward
a millimeter

break steel

she came
life about
the cold

accept that
have changed

symbolic gesture
tough time w that
just play
away forward
orderly shattering
sanitary decay

we just breeze
that way

“the semblance of stealth”

a thousand march uphill
and finally ascend
like heaven Poppa
just as I always pictured it
lion smashes head on rocks
where’s the wisdom in that?

father time express
better catch it quick
round and round

“duo poly”

you don’t even know what that means

it means two of many

and you will now see what that means

two sway

                        meanness to display

                                                                        pulse    exhale              spit

                                                                                                do it all again



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